Hair Transplantation and Aesthetics, Healthy Beauty in Health Institution

Mondes Clinic adds beauty to your health with its 15 years of experience.It is a health institution affiliated with the Ministry of Health that gives aesthetics to your appearance.

Personalized applications are carried out with our highly experienced doctors, nurses, anesthesia technicians and other healthcare personnel in hair transplantation.Not only Hair Transplantation, but also special procedures in Medical Aesthetic Applications in our Polyclinic can be performed with the latest techniques.All methods of hair transplantation are performed in our polyclinic and the procedures are completed painless miracle treatments, state-of-the-art devices, we produce special solutions for your needs.Choosing our clinic is the result of your trust in us. Thanks to this trust, we make permanent applications that will provide long-term benefit to the problem area.

In our health institution, all hygiene rules are strictly followed.

We have the approval from the Ministy of Health to perform Hair Transplant

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  • Realistic
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  • Right Treatment
  • Experinced Team
    is our main goal