Fue As The Latest Technology In Hair Transplantation


Hair transplantation has been used in the world since the mid-1990s with its current definition. The first stage of hair transplantation with FUT method, developed in the 2000s and spread after 2005 has left its place to the fue method. Since then, the basic principles of FUE have not changed, although they have exhibited different developments.

The latest technology in hair transplantation is the FUE technique, where the roots are collected by micro-motor, performed with local anesthesia, and is considered a micro-surgical procedure. FUE technique is the basis for all known hair transplantation methods.

Fue's incredible advantages and conveniences do not stop counting. In very clear terms, the fue method is absolutely the latest technology in hair transplantation.

The fue method does not leave scars in the donor area where the hair follicles are collected and allows more hair follicles to be collected than the FUT technique. In addition, thanks to the micromotor which significantly shortens the operation time, a comfortable operation is achieved.

New research is constantly being done on hair transplantation techniques. The goal here is to improve the existing FUE transplant technique rather than finding a new transplant technique. 

With FUE technique, hair transplantation applications are constantly evolving with additional expansions and new medical equipment.

With the development of the tools and materials used in the fue method, the success rates of the operations have also increased. There are varieties of the fue method referred to by different names:

  • Classic FUE (Micro-engined)
  • Robotics FUE
  • DHI hair October (fue performed with Choi implanter)
  • Sapphire FUE (fue performed with Sapphire tip)

For example, recently FUE hair transplantation with sapphire tips has provided more successful results. The faster healing and less scarring of the channels opened with sapphire, which is much smoother material, increases the quality.

The patients are fully aware of the hair transplantation performed with FUE technique. During hair transplantation the patient can rest and eat something light. Short breaks may be given for this purpose. He can even chat with the hair transplant team as he wishes and watch the procedure being performed.

Advantages of FUE technique

  • The implanted hair becomes more dense and natural looking.
  • It is a permanent solution for both low and intense hair loss.
  • It's developed to be the least painful sensation.
  • Hair transplantation is a comfortable technique because there are no scars and stitches.
  • After hair transplantation with FUE, patients recover very quickly.
  • The patient is able to travel 1 day after.
  • A person can have multiple hair transplantation operations.
  • The growth rate of the implanted hair is about 98%.



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