DHI Hair Transplantation Technique


DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) Hair Transplantation is known as "Direct Hair Transplantation". The biggest advantage of this technique is that the gaps between the hair will provide more frequent and more natural hair transplantation without damaging the existing and problem-free hair.

In general, there is a view that the FUE technique is a method done with the implanter.

  • The DHI technique is also known as unshaven hair transplantation.
  • The DHI hair transplantation technique is also described as “Choi hair transplantation” or “Implanter hair transplantation” as it is performed with a pen called choi.


DHI Technique - Hair Transplant Implanter Pen Technique

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) hair transplantation is known as "direct hair transplantation". The main advantage of this technique is that without damaging existing and non-problematic hair, the gaps between the hair will provide a more frequent and more natural result of hair transplantation.

In DHI technique, unlike FUE, grafts are collected using a medical Pen called choi. After that, the hair taken using this pen is placed directly on the skin, without opening the channel and without any incisions.

While FUE technique is a three-stage operation, DHI technique is a two-stage hair transplantation technique.

The Implanter called Choi needle, is very thin and cylindrical and has a sharp tip. The Choi needle with a cylindrical tip, has the shape of a channel. The collected hair grafts are applied along this channel and placed in the needle. The main reason why DHI hair transplant technique is known as Choi method is because of the characteristics of this needle.

This technique places the roots of the hair on the scalp using a special choi pen. This pen is very thin and pointed, but thanks to its special structure, it is capable of placing hair follicles in it.

When pressed into the specific area on the back of this medical pen with a thin tip that is dipped into the scalp to be transplanted, it places the hair roots in the scalp.

The main purpose of DHI method is to increase the quality, to provide dense and frequent hair appearance, to maintain the existing hair image and to perform the hair transplantation without shortening the hair so that the patient can quickly returned to their everyday lifestyle.

How is the method of Dhi hair transplantation performed?

  1. In this method which is done using a Choi implanter pen and called DHI, the collected hair follicles are placed individually into the pen by the assisted medical worker. Experienced personnel should be employed in this implanting process which requires extreme attention. Each hair follicle is placed in a pen. The assistant medical staff then deliver them to the doctor to be implanted.
  2. The hair roots are implanted in the right direction with 40-45 degree angles, which is the most appropriate angle. The main criterion here is that the person who will have the transplant done it is done in accordance with the direction that appears in his natural hair.
  3. These hair roots placed in the Choi needle are made of angle and direction determination and entered into the channel with the thrust of the needle.
  4. There are advantages and disadvantages of Choi hair transplant technique compared to fue method.

Advantages of DHI technique

  • Hair roots are placed directly into the pen, so the time to stay out of the tissue will be reduced to a minimum, and a healthier transplant will take place.
  • Hair follicles remain alive in a higher rate.
  • Because the incision area is much less, it minimizes the risk of bleeding.
  • It can be seen that the recovery process will be faster after the transplant.
  • It is observed that the patient returns to his / her daily life in a shorter time period.
  • This method can be applied more easily in unshaven hair transplantation.

Disadvantages of the DHI method

  • It is possible for doctors and medical personnel who have done cultivation to fully learn or specialize in this technique by going through a long training process.
  • It is a more costly method than other hair transplant techniques, including FUE technique.
  • The doctor who will be implanting the grafts should be extremely careful and highly motivated.
  • If the cultivation person does not have enough experience, it can damage the Choi ends and other hair roots as transplantation is done in a narrow area of hair

Can anyone get a DHI/Choi Hair Transplant?

The DHI method was first seen at Kyungpook National University in Korea. Research has concluded that not everyone is suitable for hair transplantation with the first developed Choi pen.Subsequent studies have produced implanter pen to be suitable for general hair types.

Today, in the light of scientific and technological developments, hair transplantation can be done safely with Choi tips.

You can contact us for more information about the "DHI hair transplant techniqu"’ which is applied in our clinic and which has been obtained with extremely successful results.



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