Hair Transplantation With Two Days Fue (TDF) Method


Two Days fue (TDF) technique is a different technology used in hair transplantation. In this method, two consecutive days of people with excess hair loss rate, two sessions are done in the form of transplantation. Patients who need more than one session to close the opening need to wait 8-12 months in other techniques, while this technique does not need to wait.

Two days Fue hair transplantation is a method of hair transplantation that is successfully done to the front, back and middle hair types that are completely open.

It is known as "Demirel head" in our society and is done in cases where both front and back areas of hair are fully open.

Hair transplantation is an effective and successful method for our patients who do not have the opportunity to have hair transplantation, such as intensive work pace, lack of time for special occasions, and who need to return to business life in a very short time after hair transplantation.

PRP treatment is definitely applied during the transplant. This cause hair follicules to strengthen and heal much quicker than usual.

The procedures to be performed after the transplant and the applications that the patient should pay attention to are no different from normal hair transplantation. All processes are exactly the same.

How is hair transplantation done with TDF method?

  • In this method the operation is performed with local anesthesia.
  • Before hair transplantation begins, the area of the donor area where the grafts will be collected is divided into two: right and left.
  • Hair roots in the right region are taken and transplanted to the first half of the hairless region to be implanted.
  • Open space where the transplant is not done, the channels are opened where grafts will be placed.
  • In this way, almost half of the transactions are completed on the first day.
  • On the second day, hair roots are removed from the left area of the donor area where the grafts will be taken, which was not touched the day before.
  • These roots are placed in channels that are opened the day before and left ready.

In this way, almost all of the front, middle and back hair region of patients within two days of the hair transplant is implanted. Hair transplantation, which is normally to be completed within two years, is completed with a two-day operation. This will save a lot of time, comfort and happiness for the patient.



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