FUT and FUE difference in hair follicles collection


The FUE technique is not used worldwide unless it is necessary. The FUE method is a great aesthetic achievement in the collection of hair follicles. It has made the FUT method almost completely disappear.

In the FUT method, hair roots are extracted from a thin long piece of skin taken by cutting off the back of the head, which is the nape region.


Fut Technique “A unpopular practice” Hair transplants performed using the FUT technique, will leave scarring

In fue method, hair is collected one by one with hand equipment. This method does not have the case of cutting the skin. The entire nape of the head can be used for graft removal. So much less destruction.

The sharpness of the needles used in the fue method is very important. In order to achieve this, the needles must be used one-time for each patient. This is a must for hair transplantation operation to be successful. Some hair transplant centers are known to reduce the cost of using a needle for a few patients. For this reason, it would be the right approach not to be respected for very cheap hair transplantation.

Proper removal of hair follicles at angles will prevent damage to the roots. A person with curly hair must have different needles with straight hair characteristics. All of these are very important details that should be planned by the doctor before starting hair transplantation according to the patient's hair, skin and skin structure.

  • FUE method of hair transplantation operation does not leave scars and does not require stitches.
  • The fue method, which is the most advanced form of FUE technique today and which is made with sapphire tip, is carried out in our clinic.
  • Hair transplantation should be done by the doctor in the health care facility.
  • Hair roots in the nape of the head are insensitive to dihydro testosterone (DHT) hormone in men, so they do not fall out or fall out less.



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