When Is Hair Transplantation Done?


The stage of making an appointment by fulfilling all the requirements for hair transplantation is extremely important. Hair transplantation should be done at the most ideal time. It should be noted that all the negative possibilities are eliminated for a successful hair transplant operation, and the doctor should decide the final transplantation day.

In order to determine the correct date of the hair transplantation operation before and after, we can examine in two basic topics when hair transplantation should be done.

  1. Setting the right timing according to the level of hair loss,
  2. The right timing covering the days after the hair transplant operation.

Setting the right timing according to Hair Loss Level;

It is common to think that people who continue to have hair loss quickly should not have hair transplantation. The main reason for this is aesthetic concerns. Hair transplantation is done in such people, on the other hand the hair that continues to fall out can reveal a non-aesthetic image. Finally, while the implanted hair does not fall out, the old hair continues to fall out. A second session of hair transplantation is advised a few years after the first operation in patients with this situation. The hair implanted in the first session will be completely grown out and the hair loss during the last time will be cured with new hair in the second session. 

People who suffer from hair loss at a rate of 60% are advantageous. It is the time to get the most beautiful results because the intense hair loss is completed. In addition, this process of hair loss by analyzing the way hair transplantation planning is created in the most accurate way

The second or even third session may be advised for patients with continues hair loss after there first session but the main factor is that the patient musthave enough hair in their donor region to perform these operations

The right timing covering the days after the hair transplant operation.

The fact that the rules to be followed in the days after hair transplantation are being followed will seriously affect the success of the operation. These rules are procedures that need to be performed by the patient sensitively.

After hair transplant surgery;

  • Protection from impact,
  • Make sure to use the bandage
  • First 3 days to rest,
  • Paying attention to nutrition,
  • Abstaining from smoking and alcohol
  • Staying away from the Sea, Pool, beach etc is among the issues to be considered.

When determining the right time for hair transplantation operation, care should be taken to choose a period after hair transplantation that can be followed by the rules.

After hair transplantation, you should choose a day to rest.

After hair transplantation, you should choose a time period where you can rest at home for at least 3 days. The main purpose of this period of time you will spend resting is to prevent the damage that will come to the newly implanted hair roots.

Choose a period where you can stay away from the sea, pool and beach..

Within 3 months after the hair is implanted, you cannot go to the beach or sea because, sea water damages the hair roots. In the same way, the sand on the beaches will fill the bottom of the hair and make it airless.

In addition, sauna, Turkish bath and solarium should not be entered for 15 days.

You can organise for the hair transplant to be perfomed in a time frame where you have no special activities or celebrations within the main healing time.

After hair transplantation on day 3 you can return to your everyday lifestyle, in general 10 days is a sufficient process for the healing process. However, after 10 days there are also rules to be considered.

Activities and programs such as jumping, playing, celebrating, wedding, entertainment, sports, etc.should be avoided. We recommend that you take these elements into account when determining the day of hair transplantation.

The most suitable season for hair transplantation is the spring months

Hair transplantation operation can be performed every season for 12 months of the year. Although extreme cold or extreme heat is not an obstacle, fall and spring periods are the best times for hair transplantation so that no negativity is encountered afterwards.



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